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Directives for ergonomic inspection instruction to OSHA inspectors. OSHA technical resources to assist with control of ergonomics hazards.

11 Resources
Updated Airlines: Solutions for Baggage Handling [24563] ?

Ergonomic hazards and solutions for baggage handling

CA-California Ergonomics Standard Article 106 [9447] ?

Full text of the state of California's ergonomics requirements

Updated Ergonomics [959] ?

Technical resources to assist with control of ergonomics hazards

Ergonomics Standards & Guidelines [969] ?

State and federal OSHA ergonomics requirements - ISO 9241, AZSI B11, ANSI Z-365 overviews

ME-Maine VDT Law Poster [pdf] [16035] ?

Maine has a VDT law that gives VDT operators certain rights

MN-Minnesota Safe Patient Handling Legislation [22543] ?

Managing ergonomic risk-factors in nursing homes

Updated OSHA Ergonomics Guidelines FAQ [21952] ?

What is a guideline and how does it differ from a standard?

Updated OSHA Ergonomics Guidelines for Shipyards [33607] ?

An industry-specific guidance document that provides practical recommendations

Updated Safety & Health: Computer Workstations [26872] ?

OSHA information about the potential harmful effects of working with VDTs

Updated Small Business Advocacy Review Panel for OSHA's Proposed Ergonomics Rule [10228] ?

Report on the comments of small business to the new ergonomics rule

Updated WA-Washington Ergonomics Ideas Bank [17365] ?

Practical examples for ergonomics

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Ergonomics / Case Studies
Real-life ergonomics studies conducted by universities, consulting firms, etc

Ergonomics / Medicine
Clinical practice guidelines, patient handouts on low back pain, CTS, etc.

Ergonomics / Programs
Resources and references on ergonomics programs

Ergonomics / References
Full text of a design guide, an ergonomics manual, lecture notes and more

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