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Majority of software is free and downloadable from the internet.

The following is the collection of special resources throughout the library. Click on main category / sub-category for that section of the library OR Click on resource title for immediate access to the resource.
Chemicals » Pesticides
Information on controlling the hazards of pesticides

Pesticide Product Information System [14288] ?

FIFRA section 3 & 24(c) pesticide product information

Claims Management » Health Claims Code Sets
DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding - Medicare payment rates

Disasters » Dam Safety
Dam safety, flood control, etc.

WA-Washington Dam Safety Guidelines [3777] ?

Requirements involved in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of dams in State of Washington

Disasters » Earthquakes
Earthquake preparation advice

Earthquake Engineering Software [20786] ?

Direct download of earthquake engineering research software source code

Disasters » Insurance
Flood National Flood Insurance Program documents - flood zones

National Flood Insurance Protection Official Site [11018] ?

NFIP application/certification forms, documents and software

Disasters » Pandemic Crisis
Resources for businesses and employees on pandemic crisis management

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Tools for Professionals [35612] ?

Software designed to help state & local public health officials plan, prepare, & practice for the next flu pandemic

Environment » RMP
EPA requirements for Risk Management Plan (RMP)

RMP eSubmit [2792] ?

For use in submitting RMPs

RMP*Comp [13156] ?

Software program you can use to complete the offsite consequence analyses

Environment » Software
Download software for EPA safety & health programs, site-specific sampling

CalTOX [26956] ?

Computes site-specific health-based soil clean-up concentrations given target risk levels

CAMEO Software Suite [6110] ?

CAMEO (Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations) software

EPA Air Compliance Software [26911] ?

A series of software programs related to US EPA air pollution requirements

EPA Exposure Assessment Tools and Models [26953] ?

Predictive Models and Tools for Assessing Chemicals under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

NEMI National Environmental Methods Index [26913] ?

Compare performance & relative cost of analytical, test and sampling methods for environmental monitoring

NIF National Emissions Inventory Software [26932] ?

Software and tools related to NIF

NOAA Software for Oil Spill Responders and Planners [6108] ?

Software from NOAA for oil spills

Right-To-Know Application [3652] ?

Toxics Release Inventory – Mobile application to locate industrial facilities releasing toxic chemicals

Risk Models and Tools [5144] ?

Software tools, data, and documents to facilitate exposure assessment

RMP*eSubmit [6107] ?

For facilities to use in submitting their Risk Management Plans (RMPs)

SD Planner [26917] ?

Self-assessment tool to evaluate, plan for and integrate sustainable development into business processes

Spills and Accidents Database [3888] ?

A USA database on notifications of oil discharges and hazardous substances releases

State Strategic Elimination Plans for State & Local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs [26933] ?

State and local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs (CLPPPs)

SWAT Soil and Water Assessment Tool [26935] ?

A river basin scale model developed to quantify the impact of land management practices in large, complex watersheds

Water9 [26945] ?

Obtain estimates of the total air emissions from the wastes by summing the estimates for individual compounds

Ergonomics » Software
Ergonomics-related software available for downloading on the internet

Worksite Task Analysis Tools [25108] ?

A series of worksheets, checklists and resources related to conversions, ergonomics, physical agents, etc.

General Business » Best Practices
Handbooks on more than 2,000 Best Manufacturing Practices (BMP). Benchmarking.

Program Managers Workstation [2729] ?

Software on best practices in manufacturing - either download or run online

General Business » Small Business
Guides, handbooks, tools, forms, software, etc. for small business

Small Business Planner [3002] ?

Information and resources that assists at any stage of the business lifecycle

Health » Medicare
Beneficiary and consumer info

Basics: Medicare [18053] ?

For those new to Medicare

Human Resources » Job Analysis
Full text of sample job descriptions, checklists, documents of job analysis

O*Net: Occupational Information Network Online [1833] ?

Online database of occupational information - job profiles

Human Resources » Software
Software to assist with compliance to US Labor Laws

Elaw Advisors: Software to Assist with US Labor Laws [3968] ?

Department of Labor has developed several elaws advisors for US labor laws

O*Net Database & Related Products [2027] ?

Download the database, the transition tables to SOC, etc.

Industrial Hygiene » Labs
Chemical Hygiene Plans, standard operating procedures, lab safety programs, etc.

Chemical Reactivity Worksheet [5401] ?

CRW is software that you use to find out about the potential reactive hazards of substances and mixtures of substances

Industrial Hygiene » Respirators
Respirator fit, full text of respiratory programs, etc.

OSHA Respiratory Protection eTool [10419] ?

Evaluate potential respiratory hazards and appropriate controls

Industrial Hygiene » Sampling
Technical guides on industrial hygiene air & noise sampling, monitoring, etc

Industrial Hygiene Sampling Guide [pdf] [1051] ?

US Army's Industrial Hygiene sampling instructions

NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM) [1079] ?

Sampling and Analytical Method Evaluation

Industrial Hygiene » Software
Software and online calculators of interest to industrial hygienists

Chemical Reactivity Worksheet [570] ?

Software program used to determine the reactivity of substances or mixtures

REIRS [7854] ?

Radiation Exposure Information and Reporting System (REIRS) for Radiation Workers

SKINPERM Model [11908] ?

Quantitative structure activity relationship for skin permeation (SKINPERM)

Managed Care » Performance Measures
Measures that evaluate the care provided to patients

Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project Quality Indicators (HCUP QI) [9668] ?

Software on outcome, utilization, and access measures for quality improvement

Medicine » Software
Downloadable software for medical professionals

CoCASA - Comprehensive Clinic Assessment Software Application [24219] ?

Tools for assessing pediatric and adult immunizations

Epi Info & Epi Map Software [2800] ?

Downloadable software for public health professionals for epidiological statistical purposes

Epidemiology Software [14865] ?

Download software intended for use by epidemiologists

NIOSH Life Table Analysis System [6220] ?

Software for use in analysis of occupational cohort mortality studies

RAT-STATS [20605] ?

Statistical audit tool used by US Office of Audit Services in the Department of Health & Human Svcs

Medicine » Wound Care
Medical protocols and guidance regarding wound care, pressure ulcers, etc.

PUSH Tool [pdf] [7879] ?

Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing (PUSH Tool)

OSHA » Safety Programs
OSHA technical resources on safety programs, including motor vehicle safety

Safety & Health Management Systems eTool [13907] ?

Helps you review and evaluate key aspects of your Safety and Health Program

OSHA » Software
OSHA software to download

eHASP [24019] ?

OSHA / EPA HASP model plan software for hazardous waste sites

MSHA Fire Suppression and Fire Protection Advisor [40399] ?

Helps users determine minimum fire protection requirements for electrical and diesel equipment

OSHA Asbestos Advisor [8681] ?

Produces guidance on the asbestos standard applies to the workplace and to buildings

OSHA Cadmium Biological Monitoring Advisor [40393] ?

Online advisor assists with compliance to the general industry Cadmium Standard

OSHA Confined Spaces Advisor [40395] ?

Online advisor provides guidance to help employers protect workers from hazards of permit-required confined spaces

OSHA eTools [16438] ?

The following downloads are available: eTools and eCATs for training purposes

OSHA eTools and Electronic Products for Compliance Assistance [1115] ?

Download software from OSHA & use online safety advisors

OSHA General Industry Lead Advisor [12244] ?

Helps you understand and apply the OSHA standard on Lead in General Industry

OSHA Hazard Awareness Advisor [40397] ?

Helps general industry employers and workers identify possible safety and health hazards

OSHA Lead in Construction Advisor [40394] ?

Online advisor provides information about OSHA's rule addressing occupational exposure to lead in construction industry

OSHA Logging Technical Advisor [13908] ?

Helps you understand & apply OSHA standards in the logging industry

OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor [40398] ?

Provides employers information on how to address the federal requirements

OSHA SafeCare Advisor [13905] ?

Download software to help you understand & apply OSHA standards in nursing homes

Property » Energy
Tools, resources, guidance on energy efficient solutions for buildings

Energy Star for Industry [21784] ?

Tools to measure your current energy & financial performance & potential for improvement

Property » Fire Engineering
Documents on fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire protection

Fire on the Web [901] ?

Building and Fire Research Laboratory (BFRL) information and software

Reference » Graphics
Download thousands of graphics including buttons and backgrounds

Microsoft Images [3081] ?

Shared images

Reference » Must Have Software
Download software needed to navigate and view information on the internet

Adobe Acrobat: Download Reader Software [937] ?

Download software to read pdf files

Firefox [19327] ?

Download the website browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Download Browser [661] ?

Download browser software

OpenOffice [20276] ?

Office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases

Yahoo Messenger [16677] ?

Chat client - also allows pc-to-phone calls anywhere in the US

Risk Mgt » Catastrophes
Insurance claims data related to natural catastrophic occurrences in the USA

FEMA Software [16797] ?

Risk assessment software program for analyzing potential losses from floods, hurricane winds and earthquakes

Risk Mgt » Insurance Technology
Information technology for the insurance industry

Risk Mgt » Weather Risk
The management of risk from extreme movements of temperature and climate

CME Group Weather Products [30746] ?

Temperature-related Weather futures and options on 42 cities throughout the world

Environmental Finance [30747] ?

Monthly news and analysis on a broad range of environmental issues including weather risk management

Weather Risk - Pricing Weather Derivatives [pdf] [30752] ?

On modelling and pricing weather derivatives

Weather Risk - Pricing Weather Derivatives for Agricultural Risk Management [pdf] [30749] ?

This study develops a pricing model that considers weather derivatives to be the same as any other financial asset

Weather Risk - Weather-Linked Bonds [pdf] [30750] ?

Paper examines a variety of models applicable to agriculture

Weather Risk Management [pdf] [30745] ?

Discusses methods of hedging with over-the-counter weather derivatives - HDD swaps and options

Weather Trading Glossary [30743] ?

Definitions of common terms

What Every CFO Needs to Know About Weather Risk Managemen [pdf] [30758] ?

An in-depth look at the impact of weather on today’s business

What is Weather Risk? [30748] ?

An overview of weather hedging and weather risk management

Safety » Construction
Workplace safety and health resources for construction hazards

Safety Requirements for Contractors on the St Lawrence Seaway [pdf] [27251] ?

Contractors working on the locks, canals and channels are required to follow these safety requirements

Safety » Equipment
Safety materials on industrial robots, woodworking machinery, machine shops, etc

MSHA Fire Suppression and Fire Protection Advisor [12371] ?

Understand MSHA's fire protection and suppression requirements for underground coal mines

Safety » Ladders-Platforms
Ladder and work platform safety

Ladder Safety Smart Phone App [26422] ?

The app provides feedback to the user on positioning the extension ladder at the optimal angle

Safety » Needlesticks
Needlestick injury prevention, legislation, safety devices

EPINet Software [14743] ?

Download the software here

Safety » Swimming
Pool and spa safety - drowning prevention

Scubing Diving Dive Tables Explained [11891] ?

Aids in mastering Dive Tables

Safety Mgt » Software
Download demos and software related to workplace safety

App: Heat Index for Outdoor Workers [40400] ?

Download for Android and iPhone

App: OSHA Safety and Health App Challenge [40401] ?

Information about all mobile app submissions and winners

Crashworthiness Software [21150] ?

Used in NHTSA research studies

Emergency Response Guidebook Software [10028] ?

PC version of the North-American Emergency Response Guidebook

FluAid Software et al [31704] ?

Provides a range of estimates of impact in terms of deaths, hospitalizations and outpatient visits due to pandemic flu

FluSurge Spreadsheet [31705] ?

Provides estimates of the surge in demand for hospital-based services during the next influenza pandemic

FluWorkLoss Software [31703] ?

Estimates the potential number of days lost from work due to an influenza pandemic

Food Defense Tool - Vulnerability Assessment [31697] ?

Software designed to assist food processors improve food security

I-BEAM: Indoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model [25744] ?

Software provides guidance for managing IAQ in commercial buildings

NIOSH Certified Equipment List [3976] ?

Access the NIOSH Certified Equipment List

SOIC - Standardized Occupation & Industry Coding Software [34749] ?

Automates the coding process for industry& occupation (I&O) narratives from death certificates, cancer registries, etc

WISER - Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders [37608] ?

Software to assist first responders in hazardous materials incidents

Statistics » Mortality
Statistical data on mortality by occupation, industry, injury deaths, etc.

United States Life Tables [24600] ?

Period life tables for the United States based on age-specific death rates

Technology » DBMS
Technical resources related to database management - such as mySQL

MySQL [15704] ?

Download MySQL source code

Technology » Internet Software
Download the most popular, newest and top picks of software available on the web

Shareware [1632] ?

Download internet software

TUCOWS [2748] ?

Provides download access to internet software including reviews of the software

Technology » Operating Systems
Operating systems technical information - Linux, Windows NT, etc.

The Apache Software Foundation [15698] ?

Download Apache source code

Technology » Web Page Programming
Libraries of CGI scripts, JavaScript, Perl, VBScript, etc & programming guidance

HotScripts [15700] ?

Catalogues the most popular web page programming scripts

Perl [15697] ?

Download Perl source code - Perl reference sources

PHP [15703] ?

Official website for PHP information

Web Developer [15701] ?

Resources for web developers

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