Special Resources » Company Research: Company Profiles & Financials

Access USA federal and state databases to determine a variety of information about a company such as EPA emissions, OSHA violations, FTC filings, etc. Also determine financial profiles, stock data, credit ratings, etc.

The following is the collection of special resources throughout the library. Click on main category / sub-category for that section of the library OR Click on resource title for immediate access to the resource.
Chemicals » Pesticides
Information on controlling the hazards of pesticides

Pesticide Company Information Database Query [16575] ?

Information on pesticide companies

Claims Management » WC Decisions
State WC board decisions, court rulings, amicus curiae briefs on WC cases

NY-New York Court of Appeals WC Decisions [3048] ?

Full text of court of appeals decisions for the state of New York

Environment » Databases
Over 40 EPA environmental databases

EPA Facility Inspection Database - Multisystem Search [17931] ?

Obtain information about a facility's toxic releases, air emission estimates, superfund status, etc

Environment » Enforcement
EPA enforcement actions, self-audit policy requirements, ALJ decisions, etc.

EPA ECHO [22383] ?

Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)

Environment » Hazardous Wastes
Guides for hazardous waste management, site remediation, waste minimization

Healthier Hospitals Initiative [9458] ?

A group of hospitals focused on sustainability issues

Environment » RMP
EPA requirements for Risk Management Plan (RMP)

Guidance for Auditing RMP Plans under the Clean Air Act Section 112(r) [2652] ?

Risk Management Program (RMP) inspection and audit guidance

Financial Risk » SEC
Databases & resources from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) - EDGAR

Canada: SEDAR [17073] ?

Database of Canadian company filings

Securities & Exchange Commission Filings - EDGAR [1456] ?

SEC filings information on US companies - database archives from 1993 to present

Fleet » Carrier Info
Databases & guides on carrier safety records - info on truck weight enforcement

Motor Carrier Safety Measurement System [14796] ?

A tool used by FMSCA and State partners to evaluate a carrier's safety performance

Safety & Fitness Electronic Records Systems [1613] ?

Provides online access to carrier, vehicle, driver safety and credential information

US DOT Passenger Carrier Safety Ratings [5618] ?

Provides access to US government safety ratings of passenger carriers

General Business » Company Profiles
Internet databases for researching information on specific American companies

Annual Report Service [14899] ?

Conduct online company research, including viewing annual reports

CEO, CFO Certifications of Financial Statements [21780] ?

Companies whose CEOs and CFOs are required to file sworn statements with the SEC

Edgar Search [4216] ?

An interface to the SEC - Edgar database

FDIC Bank Failures [14927] ?

The list of Bank Failures and Assistance Transactions in the USA

FDIC Enforcement Decisions & Orders [14898] ?

The full text of the FDIC Enforcement Decisions and Orders (ED&O) is published here in its entirety

FDIC Institutions Search Engine [14921] ?

Provides nonfinancial demographic and classification information on FDIC Financial Institutions

FDIC Summary of Deposits [14924] ?

Provides the total deposits by institution and branch

Fortune 500 News [1470] ?

Fortune 500 companies

Industry Week 1000 [2645] ?

The world's 1,000 largest publicly held manufacturing companies based on revenue

The Public Register [8057] ?

Annual reports of public companies trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTC exchanges

Yahoo! Finance [5811] ?

Obtain stock and the latest news information - search by company stock symbol

Zacks Research Center [10412] ?

Obtain investment information on companies

General Business » Company Research
How to search for information on public and privately-held companies worldwide

Agency Compile [17067] ?

Directory of marketing communications agencies

EPA Federal Register [5813] ?

Search the Federal Register for environmental issues faced by a company

FTC Actions [5815] ?

Search to see if the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ever taken any actions against a company

Litigation Watch [22669] ?

Search a company or industry to determine litigation status

NLRB Decisions [5814] ?

Determine if a company has had any union disputes that the NLRB has mediated

NSF Product and Service Listings [23305] ?

Databases to determine if a manufacturer's products or services are NSF certified

Patent Search [5816] ?

A searchable database of front page information from US patents issued from 1/76 to 6/23/98

Searchable Public Record Databases [12440] ?

Public searchable databases for US nationwide, by state and Canada

Stock Market Quotes [3099] ?

Real time stock market quotes for S&P 500, Nasdaq, NYSE, Dow, 30 Year Bond, plus latest market news

UL Certification Databases [23321] ?

Check to see if a company and its products are UL certified

USA: CME Group - Chicago Mercantile Exchange [2702] ?

Futures & options traded: currencies, interest rates, stock indexes & agricultural commodities

USA: NASDAQ [2634] ?

Information provided from the NASDQ stock exchange for investors

USA: New York Stock Exchange [2635] ?

Considered to be the world's leading securities marketplace

General Business » Pensions
Pension plan guides for employers, plan participants and others

Pension Search Directory - Missing Participants [6615] ?

Database of workers who have earned a pension benefit but may not know it

Health » CMS
Medicare information for the healthcare industry - directories, fees, contracts,

Medicare: OIG Exclusions [15172] ?

Database of individuals and entities that are excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid

OIG Corporate Integrity Agreements [15173] ?

Current List of Corporate Integrity Agreements and Settlement Agreements with Integrity Provisions

Health » Insurance
Disability insurance, health insurance, etc.

Health Insurance Consumer Insurance Guide [877] ?

The basics on health insurance in the USA

Health » Medicare
Beneficiary and consumer info

MediGAP Search [22263] ?

Search for a specific Insurance Carrier's MediGap/OCNA Number

Managed Care » Report Cards
USQA Quality Reports. NCQA accreditation. CVO certification and more

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Professional Services Board [6683] ?

Online Directory of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Programs

NCQA - Certification Programs [1806] ?

NCQA certification of CVO, UM/CR, DM, HIP, MHC, PHQ, CEC, AUG

NCQA - HEDIS [9488] ?

Health Plan Employer Data & Information Set (HEDIS) information and resources

NCQA - MBHO Accreditation [9486] ?

Managed behavioral healthcare organizations’ (MBHO) accreditation status

NCQA - NHP Accreditation [9487] ?

NCQA accreditation list of New Health Plans (NHP)

OSHA » Inspections
Site specific targeting plans for inspections, home-based inspections & more

Establishment Inspections [2710] ?

Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular company

OSHA » Violations
OSHA inspection procedures, decisions, citations profile, etc.

Review Commission Decisions [3543] ?

Search engine to view full text of OSHA Review Commission Decisions

Publications » Finance
Online publications, headline news related to finance

Dow Jones [3858] ?

Home page to Dow Jones financial information and other services

Risk Mgt » Rating Agencies
Rating bureaus' insurance carrier ratings

Best's Ratings & Analysis [4265] ?

Insurance industry A.M. Best ratings announcements

Best's Ratings Online [1899] ?

A.M. Best financial strength rating for nearly 6,000 life/health, property /casualty, & intl

CA-California Insurance Companies [2699] ?

Lists and profiles of insurance companies and other entities

Canadian Insurance Company Ratings [636] ?

AM Best rating agency analyzing insurance companies in Canada and abroad

Moody's Insurance Ratings [10410] ?

Moody ratings, researc and news on insurance carriers

Standard & Poor's Insurance Ratings [10408] ?

Obtain S&P ratings on insurance carriers

Safety » Aviation
Safety materials related to aviation

FAA Aviation Safety Information [5494] ?

Aviation safety information from the US Federal Aviation Administration

FAA Licenses & Certificates [5496] ?

FAA certification information on aircraft, airlines, airmen, airports and medical certification

Safety » Boating-Marine
Resources on boating and marine safety

Equasis [17095] ?

International database of quality and safety-related information on the world’s merchant ships

Safety » Food Inspections
FDA inspection guides and manuals for specific food industries

NY-New York City Food Service Requirements [17097] ?

Health code requirements

Safety » Medical Devices
FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

FDA Medical Device Databases [16488] ?

501(k)s, PMAs, GGP, MDR, MAUDE, NHRIC and other FDA medical device databases

Safety » Playgrounds
Playground safety information

IPEMA Certified Playground Equipment [23489] ?

Database of manufacturers of IPEMA certified playground equipment

Safety Mgt » Recalls
Information regarding product recalls, food recalls, motor vehicle recalls, etc.

CPSC Recalled Products by Company [17086] ?

Database of recalled products in the USA by company name

Security » Hate Crime
Active hate groups, street gang criminals, hate crimes

Hatewatch [9468] ?

News on hate incidents in the USA

State Government » CA-California
Access to state agencies and laws for the state of California

CAL-OSHA Decisions Database [5071] ?

Summaries of all Cal-OSHA Appeals Board decisions back to 1974

USA Government » Govt Contracts
Resources for doing business with the US government - request for proposals, etc

Federal Procurement Data System [17094] ?

Some free reports - others must be purchased (fees)

Workers Comp » Self Insurance
State requirements for self insurance of WC

CA-California WC Self Insured Employer Rosters [23157] ?

Download lists of self-insureds

MI-Michigan WC Insurance Self-Insured Employer Lists [23161] ?

Includes self-insured employers, groups and service company lists

OH-Ohio Employer/MCO Lookup [23158] ?

Search engine to find Ohio employers and MCO's

WA-Washington WC Self-Insured Employer List [23159] ?

Download a list of employers that are self-insured for WC in Washington State

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