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Access to headline news in daily newspapers and in news publications specializing in environment, health, human resources, insurance, managed care, occupational safety and health.

The following is the collection of special resources throughout the library. Click on main category / sub-category for that section of the library OR Click on resource title for immediate access to the resource.
Overseas Security Advisory Council Newsletter [13848] ?

Recent executive alerts and worldwide security updates

Press Advisories from the US Dept of Defense [19889] ?

Press releases from the US Dept of Defense

Terrorism's Global Impact [11449] ?

Articles and news stories

Chemicals » Lists
Lists of chemicals subject to environmental and safety regulations

Australia - List of Designated Hazardous Substances [6620] ?

Exposure Standards for Atmospheric Contaminants in the Occupational Environment

Disasters » Biochem
Chemical and biological weapons, bioterrorism

Biodefense and Bioterrorism [16764] ?

Information about anthrax threats and bioterrorism in the USA

Environment » EPA Updates
What's new at EPA divisions and offices

EPA Newsroom [11081] ?

EPA announcements, news releases, etc

Environment » Tanks
EPA requirements for above ground and below ground storage tanks

Tank Talk Newsletter [9957] ?

Steel Tank Institute's bimonthly newsletter

Ergonomics » References
Full text of a design guide, an ergonomics manual, lecture notes and more

2001 Federal Repealed Ergonomics Standard [961] ?

Information on the federal OSHA's 2000 ergonomics standard that was repealed in 2001

General Business » Accounting
Accounting-related reference materials.

FASB: News Releases [1106] ?

Recently posted documents on the Financial Accounting Standards Board's website

General Business » News
Today's business news from a large variety of sources

Business Wire [1787] ?

Hourly updates of business news - leading source of news on major US corporations

Health » CMS
Medicare information for the healthcare industry - directories, fees, contracts,

US Health & Human Services OIG Newsroom [16737] ?

News releases and more

Health » Headline News
Daily updates about the health industry and medicine

CNN Health [1171] ?

Full text to CNN interactive health news articles, both current and past issues

Healthcare News and Information [9699] ?

Healthcare Leadership Council's healthcare news articles

MedlinePlus News by Health Topic [1268] ?

The past 30 days of news from the New York Times Syndicate, AP News Service

Modern Healthcare [317] ?

Weekly business news magazine serving healthcare management

News from the AMA [1670] ?

News related to medicine and health

Pharmacy Times [2571] ?

What's new for pharmacists

Human Resources » Compensation
Compensation and benefit reports

News Library: Payrolls [7784] ?

News stories on payroll benefits in the USA

Human Resources » DOL Updates
What's new at the US Department of Labor

ETA: News Updates [15830] ?

What's new at Employment and Training Administration (ETA)

Human Resources » Headline News
Daily headlines and weekly news articles of interest to HR professionals

Human Resources News [3579] ?

News articles related to current human resource issues

Labor Law Legal Alerts [19455] ?

Employment and labor law news

News Library: HR Management [9485] ?

News stories related to human resources in the USA

State-Specific Labor Law News [19443] ?

Headline labor law news updated monthly for each state

Human Resources » Temp Workers
Contingent and part time employment strategies

Application of EEO Laws to Contingent Workers Placed by Temp Agencies [3691] ?

Application of the anti-discrimination statutes to temporary, contract & other contingent employees

Industrial Hygiene » Noise
Hearing conservation programs, acoustics, hearing protection devices, etc.

Workplace Noise News [8077] ?

News articles from newspapers in the USA related to industrial and workplace noise

Legal » Class Actions
Notices of class actions, proposed, filed or settled. Class action guides.

Multidistrict Litigation Rules [22335] ?

Text of the rules

Legal » Labor Law
Case developments, articles, resources related to employment & labor law

Arbitration News [14198] ?

Summaries of court decisions and opinions related to labor arbitration

Employment Law Insider [10173] ?

Newsletter on the latest in employment law issues

Legal » Litigation
Legal case mgt, use of computer-generated evidence, attorney-client priviledge

Contracts Tutorial [4114] ?

Online tutorial on contracts law

Managed Care » Library
Managed care overviews, studies, and technical resources

Managed Care Magazine [4478] ?

Daily news articles on managed care issues with two years of archives

Medicine » Infection Control
Infection control in hospitals and healthcare institutions

APIC Advocacy [11505] ?

A publication of APIC's Department of Government & Public Affairs

Organizations » Insurance
Over 30 associations, non-profits, etc. related to the insurance profession.

Insurance Committee for Arson Control [1005] ?

at the forefront of efforts to put the arsonist out of business

OSHA » OSHA Updates
OSHA pages for what's new, federal register notices, news releases, etc.

IN-Indiana IOSHA News / Hot Topics [9412] ?

Provides information on new OSHA standards, etc.

Access to all state agencies with OSHA approved plans & their laws

CAL-OSHA Reporter Resources [14184] ?

Keep up-to-date on Cal-OSHA requirements

Publications » Finance
Online publications, headline news related to finance

CNNfn [4039] ?

Headline financial news from CNN

Market News International [2946] ?

Covers financial news worldwide

Reuters [4128] ?

Financial information and news

Publications » Fleet
Periodicals and publications on vehicle and traffic safety

Insurance Institute of Highway Safety News [783] ?

Articles on highway safety

Publications » Health
Periodicals and publications on consumer health

Law and Health News [3578] ?

News articles focused on healthcare legislation

Publications » Insurance
Periodicals and publications related to property and casualty insurance

Insurance Journal [18630] ?

Property and Casualty Magazine

Publications » News
Periodicals and newspapers providing up-to-the-minute news in the USA

CNN Interactive [1440] ?

Daily news from Cable News Network

Journal of Commerce [4314] ?

Daily updates of international and US headline news plus special reports

Los Angeles Times [4101] ?

Online version of the Los Angeles Times newspaper

New York Times [1435] ?

Online version of the New York Times (fees required in some sections)

Newslink [5634] ?

Over 8,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide

PR Newswire [3752] ?

Electronic distribution of full text news to the media and financial community

U.S. News and World Report [4061] ?

Online news magazine

USA Today [1434] ?

Online version of USA Today - access to today's news - archives not available

Washington Post [1432] ?

Online version of the Washington Post, including archives of back issues

Yahoo! News [4044] ?

Daily headlines news from Yahoo!

Regulations » Radiation
Full text of DOE, EPA, NRC regulations on radiation, plus state laws

International Atomic Energy Agency Safety Standards [8851] ?

Nuclear safety and security under IAEA auspices

Risk Mgt » Alternative Risk
Alternative risk solutions, RRG/RPG, captive insurance

Captives News [1504] ?

Specific to the captive insurance industry

Risk Mgt » Catastrophes
Insurance claims data related to natural catastrophic occurrences in the USA

Rocky Mountain Catastrophes [21741] ?

Rocky Mountain Region Statistics

Risk Mgt » Headline News
Continuous news updates on insurance industry & risk management

Best Week [4268] ?

A weekly newsletter for the insurance industry

Business Insurance News [7351] ?

Focusing on risk management and insurance news and issues

Insurance News & Views [30220] ?

News for independent insurance agents

Legislative / Regulatory Developments Affecting the Self-Insurance Industry [2874] ?

The latest legislative/regulatory news impacting self-insureds

NAIC News [13632] ?

News releases from NAIC

P&C Insurance Industry Markets [34115] ?

News and analysis related to P&C insurance

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America News Releases [17263] ?

Position statements and news on state and federal laws affecting the insurance industry

Risk Mgt » Insurance Technology
Information technology for the insurance industry

Insurance Networking [733] ?

Headline news bulletins on insurance technology

Risk Mgt » Reinsurance
Resources related to property casualty reinsurance

Global Reinsurance Magazine [3857] ?

News stories related to global reinsurance

Risk Mgt » Trends
Trends in insurance and risk management

State Insurance Affairs [13627] ?

News and information about state insurance agencies

Safety Mgt » Audits
Regulatory compliance self-inspections, program audits, self-evaluations

Self-Inspection Program Guide [7797] ?

Guidance on how to establish a safety self-inspection program

Safety Mgt » Committees
Safety committees, safety teams, etc.

CT-Connecticut: Establishing Safety & Health Committees [pdf] [11454] ?

Requirements related to safety and health commmittees for covered employers

Safety Mgt » Headline News
Headline news related to workplace safety regulatory issues

ASTM International News Releases [11422] ?

American Society for Testing & Material's latest news on ASTM standards

Ergonomics Today [7937] ?

News stories focus on ergonomics

ISEA News [11420] ?

Industrial Safety Equipment Association latest news on ANSI standards

ISHN: Workplace Safety and Health Editorial Comments [693] ?

For safety and health professionals

NFPA News Releases [11421] ?

National Fire Protection Association's latest news on NFPA standards

NIOSH eNews [27684] ?

The monthly newsletter of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

OSHA News [10452] ?

Timely descriptions of significant developments at OSHA

Safety Mgt » Incentives
Safety incentive program guidance

Safety Incentives Guide [7903] ?

Guidance on how to establish a safety incentives program

Security » Aviation Security
Airport and airline security measures

Air Security Index [6592] ?

News stories related to airport security in the USA

Workers Comp » Publications
Periodicals and publications on workers compensation insurance

CA: What's New at DIR [15075] ?

The latest regulatory news from the California Dept of Industrial Relations

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