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Online access to the portion of government and agency websites that provide safety alerts, warnings, etc.

The following is the collection of special resources throughout the library. Click on main category / sub-category for that section of the library OR Click on resource title for immediate access to the resource.
Claims Management » WC Fee Schedules
Workers compensation medical fee schedules

WA-Washington WC Fee Schedules [5302] ?

Contains department rules, payment policies and CPT & HCPCS fee schedules

Disasters » Alerts
National Weather Service warnings, seismic events and more

National Earthquake Information Center [2814] ?

Worldwide earthquake information from the US Geological Survey

National Warnings [8631] ?

Provides immediate access to all available warnings for the United States

River Forecast Centers and Weather Forecast Offices [3079] ?

Provides the latest river stage and elevation data and daily precipitation summaries

United States Severe Weather Statements [21668] ?

Includes flood warnings as well as fire weather statements

US FEMA News Releases [1062] ?

News releases from the US Federal Emergency Management Agency

US Fire Service Wildland Fire Assessment System [5096] ?

Reports on fire watches for the United States

US National Weather Service Warnings [1063] ?

National Weather Service warnings and a variety of weather information

Disasters » Disasters
US federally declared disasters, catastrophe information

Catastrophe Information Center [9440] ?

Find current information on catastrophes in the USA

Disasters » Earthquakes
Earthquake preparation advice

Recent Earthquake Activity Map [853] ?

Current worldwide earthquake information presented by the US Geological Survey

Environment » Water
Documents on drinking water quality such as reports, regulations, guides, news

EPA Drinking Water Consumer Information [9844] ?

Drinking Water Standards and Health Advisories Tables

Property » Fire Safety
Fire safety programs, checklists and reference materials

Summary of the Corridor Utilization Policy [pdf] [3758] ?

Text of a policy regarding storage in corridors

Reference » Travel
Real-time access to airlines, hotels, rental cars, reservations & ticket booking

National Traffic and Road Closure Information [6253] ?

The status for highways in the USA

Reference » Weather
Real time weather updates, live weather cameras, etc.

National Fire Weather Forecasts - USA [26240] ?

Red flag warnings, watches, etc.

Safety » Compressed Gas
Compressed gas cylinder safety, pressure line safety, etc.

Helium MSDS [11348] ?

Safety precautions

Safety » Medical Devices
FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

Medical Device Safety Reports [14751] ?

A repository of medical device incident and hazard information

Safety » Patient Safety
Medical errors, medication errors, patient safety guidance

FDA Medical Product Safety Information [16494] ?

Databases regarding medical safety alerts for drugs, biologics, devices, dietary supplements

Institute for Safe Medication Practices [5136] ?

Provides education & alerts about adverse drug events and their prevention

JCAHO Sentinel Event Alerts and Solutions [7154] ?

Reference materials related to medical and medication errors

Safety Mgt » Alerts
Safety and health hazard alerts

CA-California Health Alerts [11631] ?

Press releases and health warnings from the Dept of Health Services, California

Cal/OSHA Regulatory Alerts [21647] ?

Alerts related to new Cal/OSHA rules

Canada Petroleum Industry Safety Alerts [18398] ?

A series of safety alerts from petroleum industry in Canada

Exploding Flashlights [4227] ?

Fact sheet describes the danger of batteries exploding in flashlights

FDA Import Alerts [11965] ?

Of food, drugs, biologics imported into the USA

FDA Medical Device Safety Alerts and Notices [14752] ?

FDA issues alerts and warnings to explain why problems may be occuring and clarify proper procedures to ensure safety

FDA Patient Safety News [9202] ?

A Video News Show for Health Professionals

FDA Product Recalls, Alerts and Warnings [13483] ?

Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts

Food Safety Recalls [11635] ?

US federal government agencies alerts related to food safety

Hazard Alerts [3444] ?

Large number of bulletins and alerts relating to workplace accidents and hazards

Hazard Controls & Hazard Alerts [6196] ?

Workplace hazard alerts from the state of Washington

Medication Safety Alerts [5378] ?

Alerts from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices

MSHA Fatalaties [6197] ?

Fatal alert bulletins and fatalgrams from Mining Safety and Health Administration

NIOSH - Alerts [4006] ?

Occupational injury alerts from the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health

OR-OSHA Hazard Alerts [7920] ?

Workplace safety alerts from the State of Oregon

Sentinel Event Alerts [23633] ?

JCAHO warnings about dangers in health care facilities

Safety Mgt » Lessons Learned
Analyses of lessons learned from prior workplace accidents

Logging Industry Lessons Learned [18930] ?

Fatality lessons learned

Safety Mgt » MSHA Updates
What's new at the US Mining Safety and Health Administration

MSHA - Alerts [4012] ?

Equipment, Health and Safety Hazard Alerts

Safety Mgt » Recalls
Information regarding product recalls, food recalls, motor vehicle recalls, etc.

Australia: Product Safety Recalls [11047] ?

Voluntary safety related product recalls notified to Minister for Financial Services & Regulation

CPSC Recalls and Product Safety News [1941] ?

Recall information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Toy Recalls [16223] ?

A partial list of children related recalls announced by the CPSC

Security » Fraud
Consumer fraud guides, scam & fraud information, statistics, mail fraud & more

Updated Phone Scams [16264] ?

How the scams work

Security » Travel Safety
Travel warnings, public announcements, global news affecting overseas travel

US State Department Travel Warnings and Alerts [1599] ?

Travel security advice from the US State Department

Technology » Alerts
The latest information about internet virus alerts and hoaxes

IC3 Alerts [26238] ?

Alerts from the Internet Crime Complaint Center

Technology » Security
Providing secure transactions over the internet

Advisories, Alerts and Assessments [13490] ?

Alerts about internet security problems

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