Special Resources » Databases Safety - Hazards

Access to databases specific to individual safety hazards and controls such as glove charts, boating safety, noise limits, etc.

The following is the collection of special resources throughout the library. Click on main category / sub-category for that section of the library OR Click on resource title for immediate access to the resource.
Fleet » Statistics
Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES) [12322] ?

Motor vehicle accident statistics

General Business » Company Research
How to search for information on public and privately-held companies worldwide

UL Certification Databases [23321] ?

Check to see if a company and its products are UL certified

Health » Poison Control

Common Poisonous and Toxic Plants [3601] ?

The following chart lists some of the more common poisonous plants

Industrial Hygiene » EMF
Electromagnetic field radiation reference materials

FCC ID# Search Database for RF Safety [20854] ?

Use the FCC ID number of the phone or device to determine RF safety of your phone/device

Industrial Hygiene » Labs
Chemical Hygiene Plans, standard operating procedures, lab safety programs, etc.

Laboratory Safety Manual [pdf] [19274] ?

Full text of a laboratory safety manual

Industrial Hygiene » Noise
Hearing conservation programs, acoustics, hearing protection devices, etc.

Hearing Conservation Program and Checklist [pdf] [12959] ?

In use by a major university

Noise - Auditory Effects [8372] ?

The relationship between noise exposure and hearing loss

Industrial Hygiene » References
Air sampling, technical papers, etc. related to industrial hygiene

NIOSH Databases [12970] ?

NIOSH databases and information resources

Industrial Hygiene » Respirators
Respirator fit, full text of respiratory programs, etc.

NIOSH Respirators [6239] ?

Equipment certification databases, respirator users notices, guides to selection, OSHA codes, etc.

OSHA » Safety Programs
OSHA technical resources on safety programs, including motor vehicle safety

TX-Texas Safety and Health Library [20622] ?

Workplace safety publications that can be used for training and implementing safety programs

Property » Boilers
Boiler and pressure vessel safety materials

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Technical Bulletins [1584] ?

Series of safety bulletins related to the repair and maintenance of boilers & pressure vessels

Safety » Agriculture
Large number of agriculture safety bulletins, including dust hazards and control

Farm Safety Fact Sheets [3089] ?

Fact sheets related to agriculture with many relating to safety and the environment

On-Farm Food Safety [575] ?

Farm Worker Toilet and Handwashing Facilities and more

Safety » Amusement Industry
Safety resources for the amusement industry - carnivals, etc.

Amusement Industry Certified Inspectors Directory [1026] ?

A list of inspectors certified by AIMS International

Safety » Boating-Marine
Resources on boating and marine safety

Safe Boating Tips [2608] ?

Series of safety tips for recreational boaters in the United States

Tides and Currents: USA Coast [2621] ?

US coastal water levels, meteorological observations, and current observations

Safety » Cranes-Hoists
Crane and hoist safety program materials

Crane Considerations [26412] ?

Operational considerations for crane safety

Safety » Medical Devices
FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

Medical Device Safety Reports [14751] ?

A repository of medical device incident and hazard information

Safety » PPE-Gloves
Glove selection guides

Chemical Protective Gloves [3139] ?

Fact sheet provides guidelines on glove selection for chemicals

Safety » Tools
Safety fact sheets and tips on the safe use of hand and power tools

Construction Tool Safety [6716] ?

A series of toolbox talks on the subject

Safety » Welding
Bulletins, guidance on safety in welding

Hot Work Welding and Cutting Safety Policy [19360] ?

Example of a policy in use at a major univeristy

Safety » Work Zones
Best practices for minimizing delay & enhancing safety in highway construction

Work Zone Safety Equipment [12259] ?

Database contains records of traffic control devices and safety technology used in work zones

Safety Mgt » Alerts
Safety and health hazard alerts

Exploding Flashlights [4227] ?

Fact sheet describes the danger of batteries exploding in flashlights

Safety Mgt » Bulletins
Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

Fact Sheets - Occupational Safety & Health [17680] ?

Related to workplace safety and health

Physical Agent Data Sheets [15500] ?

Fact sheets on the hazards of physical agents and on safety controls

Safety Mgt » Clip Art
Safety clip art and photographic images that may be downloaded

USP Pictograms [24143] ?

US Pharmacopeia graphic images relate medication instructions

Safety Mgt » Databases
Internet databases of workplace safety and health documents, statistics, etc.

CAL-OSHA Publications [15076] ?

Fact Sheets and Tailgate Topics and Other Documents

CDC Topics [22521] ?

CDC guidelines for the prevention and control of disease, injuries, and disabilities

Construction Occupational Safety & Health [15660] ?

Training materials, checklists, lessons learned and much more on construction safety

DOE Information Bridge [447] ?

Access to DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information databases

NIOSH Research Projects and Impact [29149] ?

A compendium of project summaries and contact information

NIOSHTIC-2 [23916] ?

The NIOSH Resource Database

Technical Medical Technical Guides and Fact Sheets [5896] ?

Hundreds of fact sheets, technical bulletins and guides related to occupational health

United Kingdom: Hazards at Work [9718] ?

Extensive series of safety fact sheets, guidelines, bulletins related to occupational work hazards

Safety Mgt » Lessons Learned
Analyses of lessons learned from prior workplace accidents

DOE Lessons Learned [10523] ?

Links to US Department of Energy lessons learned

Safety Mgt » Recalls
Information regarding product recalls, food recalls, motor vehicle recalls, etc.

Recalled Products By Country Where Manufactured [16658] ?

Database of Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls

Safety Mgt » Tool Box Talks
Handouts suitable for employee training at job sites

Construction Site Safety Talks Safety Videos [27527] ?

Cover a wide variety of topics

Construction Tool Box Safety Talks [27528] ?

A variety of tool box talks

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