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Full text of medical textbooks online.

The following is the collection of special resources throughout the library. Click on main category / sub-category for that section of the library OR Click on resource title for immediate access to the resource.
Claims Management » Health Claims Code Sets
DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding - Medicare payment rates

ICD-10 Coding System - CMS Latest News [9029] ?

Keep up with the latest news from CMS regarding ICD-10

Disasters » Health Services
Emergency plans and disaster guidance for health care facilities

Defense Against Toxic Weapons [pdf] [15038] ?

Medical countermeasures to chemical warfare agents

Field Manual: Health Services in a Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Environment [4281] ?

Full text of US Army manual on medical support services for nuclear, biological & chemical warfare

Preparing for Terrorism [22342] ?

Evaluating the Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) Program - 2002

US Army Medical Management Chemical Warfare Field Manual [pdf] [11522] ?

Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties and Conventional Military Chemical Injuries

Disasters » Mental Health
Emotional support and guidance post-disaster

Insights into the Concept of Stress [20084] ?

Stress management for workers who provide assistance during disasters

Stress Management in Disasters [20085] ?

Stress management for emergency response personnel

Health » Aging
Resources on nursing homes, eldercare, etc.

Health and Social Characteristics of Older Women with Disability [8846] ?

Baseline intensive study of 1,002 disabled women completed in 1995 - 16 chapters

Health » Nutrition
Food guide pyramid, nutrition guides, dietary guidelines, weight control & more

Food and Nutrition Reports [8928] ?

National Academy of Sciences reports on food and nutrition

Industrial Hygiene » Indoor Air
IAQ guides, checklists, fact sheets, sick building syndrome & more

Asthma & Indoor Air [16268] ?

How the indoor air environment contributes to the asthma problem

Medicine » Anatomy
Anatomy images, references, textbooks

Atlas of Human Anatomy [795] ?

Illustrations that are representations of the human body

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body [14728] ?

Online access to the text of the book

Medicine » Bioterrorism
Medical management of biological and chemical casualties - clinical guides

Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare [11520] ?

US military textbook on medical response to biological warfare

Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare [24541] ?

A textbook for medical personnel on the management of chemical and biological agent casualties

Medicine » Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injury reference materials

Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide [12855] ?

Physician written online book for TBI patients and their families

Medicine » Clinical Guidelines
Full text of clinical practice guidelines for numerous specialties in medicine

Thyroid Disease Manager [20235] ?

All aspects of human thyroid disease and thyroid physiology

Medicine » Dermatology
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of dermatology disorders

Dermatology Articles [8868] ?

Large number of dermatology-related fact sheets

Medicine » Emergency Medicine
Clinical resources on emergency medicine

Arizona Emergency Medical Systems Red Book [24536] ?

11 chapter manual on prehospital and emergency medical services in the State of Arizona

Medicine » First Aid
Full text of first aid manuals and handouts

Field Hygiene and Sanitation [11519] ?

Full text of the US Army field manual

First Aid & Self-Care Guide [2143] ?

First aid and emergency care advice - plus common self-care problems

First Aid for Soldiers [11518] ?

Field first aid guidance - what to do before medical personnel arrive

Medicine » Infection Control
Infection control in hospitals and healthcare institutions

Infection Control Manual [pdf] [24537] ?

Full text of a hospital's infection control manual

Medicine » Mental Health
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of mental health disorders

Interpretation of Dreams [17658] ?

Full text of the book by Sigmund Freud

Medicine » Occupational Medicine
Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

Measuring Functional Capacity and Work Requirements [10100] ?

Results of a workshop on functional capacity for work requirements for the working age population

Medical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare [1159] ?

Medical management of electromagnetic, radiofrequency and laser injuries

Medicine » Radiation
Resources related to nuclear medicine

Radiation Oncology Physics Handbook [24574] ?

IAEA text book

Medicine » Surgery
Clinical resources on surgery

Textbooks of Military Medicine [11575] ?

A variety of medical manuals related to soldier casualties

Medicine » Textbooks
Online access to the full text of books used by medical professionals

Biomedical Books [25602] ?

Access to the full text of a series of biomedical books

Family Practice Notebook [794] ?

An ongoing compendium of common medical problems seen in Family Practice

General Medical Officer (GMO) Manual [8920] ?

Military manual for general medical officers

Geographical Neurosurgery [24835] ?

Online book - 13 chapters - an attempt to look at neurosurgery from a geographical perspective

Guide to Clinical Preventive Services [9224] ?

Recommendations for clinical practice on preventive interventions for more than 80 target conditions

Medical Algorithms [12128] ?

Thousands of algorithms - computations, formulas, surveys, look-up tables useful in healthcare

Medical Encyclopedia [16966] ?

Covers diseases, tests, symptoms, injuries, surgeries and more

Medical Microbiology Textbook, 4th Edition [4290] ?

Full text of a book on medical microbiology

Merck Manual - Consumers [845] ?

Medical information for the general public

Merck Manual of Medical Information [24544] ?

Home medical textbook

Military Biological & Chemical Warfare Medical Field Manuals [20403] ?

A series of manuals cover medical aspects of chemical and biological warfare

Military Medicine Manuals [801] ?

Medical textbooks created by the US Army

Textbooks of Military Medicine [765] ?

Multivolume treatise on the art and science of military medicine

The Merck Manual [11266] ?

The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

USPSTF Recommendations [5052] ?

Recommendations on screening, counseling, and preventive medication topics

Safety » Animals
Safety guidance when handling animals

Merck Veterinary Manual [24543] ?

Includes over 12,000 indexed topics and over 1200 illustrations

Safety » Patient Safety
Medical errors, medication errors, patient safety guidance

To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System [16267] ?

Full text of the IOM report on patient safety and medical errors

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